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About Us

About the Chairman

Dr. D. R. Sankhwar is a very senior Practicing Gynaecologist of East Delhi With Clinical Experience of more than 35 years. He is known for his expertise in his field. He possesses a high degree of operative skills and is consultant Gynaecologist to a number of Prestigious Hospitals.


In his endevour to serve the Society he started Sankhwar Hospital , over the years hospital has gained popularity and appreciation of the Public of all the adjoining areas.Today Sankhwar hospital is established as a Prime Centre and is known for quality of treatment and services at very affordable packages. 



We at Sankhwar Hospital constantly strive for quality and innovation. To us, it is more than a goal. It is a way of life. While advanced technology and modern facilities are crucial to the delivery of high quality medical care, it is our doctors, nurses and technicians who make Sankhwar Hospitals a place of highly specialized expertise.
• Equipping the hospital with state-of-the art facilities and equipment .
• Creating environment to attract the most talented medical, scientific and support staff .
• Providing affordable healthcare of unsurpassed quality.
• Exceeding service expectations .
• Adhering to professional and scientific integrity
• Embracing change and encourage innovation .



Our Vision is to create new standard for community health care, one that combines the personalized, caring environment of the finest community hospitals with a commitment to providing the most advanced medical technology and capabilities available to it.


Sankhwar Hospital fosters a work environment where individual achievement is recognized and rewarded, where the satisfaction of all patients, regardless of their background, is the fundamental goal of every action and where the practice of medicine in all its forms is recognized.

We truly believe in health for all.

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